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Beware of 'Petrol Stretching' when purchasing fuel for your boat.

24th September 2014

The petrol stretching scam, where cheaper kerosene is added to petrol, has so far cost Irish drivers, insurers and the trade at least €2m and has also reached the boating sector.

The latest fuel threat has been uncovered in recent months with a swathe of reports of new and nearly new boats, "blowing" their engines.

Rogue petrol retailers, many taking out leases on a short basis add 6pc to 10pc volume of kerosene to petrol. Kerosene home heating oil costs 80c per litre. Petrol costs €1.55 per litre.

There is €700 in illegal profit to be made on a standard delivery of legitimate petrol, if it is thinned with 10pc kerosene. In most cases one or two "fills" of petrol contaminated with kerosene is enough to disable a boat engine.

The kerosene in the fuel causes "coking," a build up of carbon deposits that causes irreparable damage to your boat engine. The boat engine loses power, misfires and the boat engine warning light will probably illuminate sooner or later.

Some insurance companies now exclude boat engine damage caused by contaminated fuel in their policies. Most boat enthusiasts are not aware of this fact.

Beware  and onl purchase your fuel from a reputable dealer - contact Portumna Marine if you are unsure.

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